One thing that’s a fact of life is if you have a job, you’re going to have to pay taxes. And while it’s not something that most of us look forward to doing, the reality is that sometimes it’s a lot harder than it has to be. Why? It’s because many people don’t have the information required to make the process of filing them quicker and less—well, taxing.

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Whether you want to purchase a house, a car or even a cell phone, one thing that you’re going to need to have is good credit. When your credit is high, it sends a message to your creditors (and potential creditors) that you are responsible when it comes to your financial obligations. And when they can trust you, you’re able to purchase just about anything that you’d like. [click to continue…]

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5 Easy and Effective Ways to Lower Your Monthly Internet and Phone Bill

July 4, 2014

These days it seems like nearly everyone is glued to a phone, a monitor, or both 24/7. Blame it on the never-ending connectivity, communication, and entertainment options offered by modern technology and mobile devices. Of course, having all of this convenience at your fingertips comes with a cost. And if your internet and phone bill [...]

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5 Helpful Foreclosure Prevention Tips for Homeowners

June 26, 2014

The housing market is on the rise again – after a dreadful downturn that was caused by defaulted home loans and mass foreclosures. While many of these foreclosures can’t entirely be blamed on one entity, the housing bubble can offer a whole host of lessons. One of the major lessons is that it is important [...]

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5 Practical Ways to Save Money When Renting an Apartment

June 25, 2014
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There is a good chance that out of all of your expenses, rent is going to be the largest monthly expenditure. Indeed, renting an apartment can be expensive and depending on where you live, the rent may even be higher. Cities often have the most exorbitant rent – only as you start branching out does [...]

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5 Things You Should Know About Credit Card Rewards

June 25, 2014
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When it comes to choosing the best credit cards, you want to find a company that offers the most rewards with the least strings attached. Rewards and bonuses are usually given out if you reach a certain spending quota, but they can also be given out as a result of credit card companies trying to [...]

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Homeowners Insurance Purchasing Basics for Newbies

June 15, 2014

Homeowner’s insurance is imperative. Without homeowner’s insurance, you could be left stranded without recourse in the instance of a disaster. Home insurance is basically your back up plan, your start over plan and your plan B in case the worst happens. When purchasing home insurance, you want to make sure that you know how to [...]

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Rental Property Investing Basics for Newbies

June 9, 2014

If you’ve been thinking about doing some investing but you’re not sure what kind would truly be best for you, have you ever considered rental property investing? It’s a relatively easy kind of property investing that can prove to be quite lucrative if you know how to go about it properly. To help you with [...]

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5 Common Credit Card Mistakes That Can Cost You Big Money

May 23, 2014

What’s truly amazing about our capitalist society is that people are raised with a mentality that focuses on money – making it, spending it, engaging in consumption of goods, and so on – but most adults are never taught how to manage their finances. And this has led to an epidemic of households that are [...]

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Common First-Time House Hunter Mistakes to Avoid

May 22, 2014

One milestone in every person’s life is when they make the decision to move into a house. However, before that can happen, they have to go through the process of doing a bit of house hunting. If this is something that you are preparing to do, we’re so glad that you stopped by to read [...]

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